Thai yoga massage

thai yoga massage areaThai yoga massage is also called ‘yoga for lazy people’. You do not have to do anything physically, except letting go as much as possible and allowing me to move your body. You will be taken through a massage flow in a passive dynamic way and pressure points will be used. The body will receive deep stretches, pressure and movements that will improve circulation and stimulate the nervous system. This will decrease blockages and restore your range of motion. The touch can, sometimes, feel a bit sensitive and intense, especially when you are not used to receiving a massage. But by breathing deeply and staying present in your body, we can increase your body awareness. The energy will be able to move more freely through your body.

You are wearing comfortable loose fitting clothes during the massage and oil will not be used. This is not an erotic massage.

Thai yoga massages are by appointment.

Since I’m currently traveling appointments in Rotterdam cannot be made. I will be offering massages during my travels, so if you’re in the neighbourhood don’t hesitate to contact me!

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