‘Space in your body’ theme workshop

Do you ever notice resistance in your body? Or do you feel tightness that just will not go away? Experience a sense of space and freedom! This workshop is all about creating space in your body and mind. Together we will explore these sensations and work with giving up that feeling of resistance.


space in your bodyWe will work with our own bodyweight and different props, like tennis balls and blankets, to bring pressure to different areas of the body. This way you will always be in control of the amount of bodyweight you use to create pressure. It will improve circulation, of blood, lymph but also of energy, which helps with elimination of waste and release of tension. This will leave you with a feeling of more space and freedom of body and mind. Because you’re experiencing how to accomplish this in the workshop, you can easily practice it at home.

Practical info

Everything you need is available at the studio. You are of course always welcome to use your own mat. There is no yoga experience needed to join this workshop. If you have an injury, and if you’re not sure whether you can join, just contact me! Most of the movements are relatively slow and accessible for everyone and you don’t have to do anything if it does not feel right.

Date: tba

Costs: tba

A minimum of 3 participants is needed for the workshop to continue and there are only 8 spots available. If the minimum of participants is reached a week before the workshop I will confirm that it will continue. If not, already registered participants will get a full refund. Upon registration you agree with the terms and conditions as stated on vyanayoga.nl.

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