Vyana yoga

Vyana is one of the vayu’s (inner winds/lifeforces), which spreads out through the whole body and connects and nourishes the other 4 vayu’s; prana, apana, samana and udana. Vyana vayu brings strength and moderates movement from the center outwards, creating harmony.

The body is balanced, yin and yang.

Yin and yang yoga combines movement principles from different yoga styles, Chinese medicine and Chi Kung. Yang is more fluid, dynamic, powerful with an outward focus. Yin is more passive and meditative with an inward focus.

Yin and yang are depending on each others existence and are always relative to one another. There can be no yang without yin and the other way around. Our western lifestyle has a mayor yang influence (busy and stressful) which creates a need for more yin (peace and quiet) to be able to restore balance. Yin and yang yoga helps to recreate that balance within your life and yourself.