Yoga for Surfers

Yoga for Surfers; Creating awareness, strength and mobility

Do you want to improve your surfskills, but are you a bit stuck? This Yoga for Surfers workshop is aimed at restoring space in the body. Most workouts are focused on building strength and endurance, but at some point, the lack of mobility will not get you any further. So if you’re (literally) stuck, but would like to improve your overall surfskills, then this workshop will help you out!

yoga for surfers

While you are surfing you use assymetrical movements, both sides of the body will develop differently, which can be a cause of trouble. The normal movements and postural habits we have will not be very helpful either, because they are usually not optimal. Yoga will help regain that balance and create space to restore your full range of motion. This way you’re able to grow as a surfer, but also as a person.


This workshops will work with creating more awareness, strength and mobility.

We’ll begin with creating awareness. Awareness of the breath, body and gentle, small movement. Then we’ll warm up the joints of our body to prepare for movement. After the preparations we’ll practice¬†yang yoga, more dynamic movement to create movement awareness and strength and length in the areas that need it the most during surfing. And the practice will be ended with a relaxation, to give the body and mind time to process all the input and fully relax.

Practical info

After the workshop there will be tea with fruit and some snacks. Everyone will receive handouts with the lessonplans (poses with detailed descripion) of the 3 parts of the workshop, so you can keep practicing at home!

yoga for surfersThere is no yoga experience needed to join this workshop. If you have an injury, and if you’re not sure whether you can join, just contact me! Most of the movements are relatively slow and accessible for everyone and you don’t have to do anything if it does not feel right.

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A minimum of 4 participants is needed for the workshop to continue and there are only 10 spots available. If the minimum of participants is reached a week before the workshop, October 15th, I will confirm whether it will continue. If not, already registered participants will get a full refund. Upon registration you agree with the terms and conditions as stated on