Vyana yoga: Journeys within

Join the journey, welcome home

Learning to feel your body and experiencing and understanding your movement is key to healing. This might sound difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. You will grow your awareness bit by bit and start to feel better, more confident and more at peace with yourself, once you choose to take the first step to paying attention to your body. I would love to work with you on your journey.

Join the journey within your own body. I can support you to find more peace within yourself. Share tools to increase your awareness of your own experience of your body, movement, breath and mind. Through this awareness you’ll be able to use your body in a way that feels lighter and freer. Experiencing less pain, fear and insecurity and more peace, space and health.
Are you ready to dive deeper and reconnect with the wisdom you have within? There are several possibilities.  

During a private therapeutic yoga session, we explore what your body is able to do now, what your wish is and how to bring these two together. You learn to feel your own movement patterns and to bring space, strength and support where it is missing. You will be fully guided in making simple movements or in stillness in combination with breathing. This way you’ll learn to move better and you’ll reduce pain.
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During a Thai bodywork session, you reconnect with your body through the experience of my touch and the movements I make with your body. There is nothing you have to do, only observe what there is in the moment.
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These are effective ways to get to know your body on a deeper level. Understanding your own body better, will make it easier for you to make healthier choices. This will aid your sense of self-confidence, peace and comfort.
You’ll become your own healer.


Rianne helps me see some delicate, deep conditioning and compensation patterns going back years. Although I consider myself someone who is aware of her body, the way she helps me see my patterns brings me a whole new consciousness not only around why I have pain, but also about the potential for change that my body holds. And I know that this new way of awareness – though i have not found the right words to describe them yet- makes me feel safer in my body. Thank you Rianne!


I took a series of yoga therapy session with Rianne in her gorgeous space in Andalucia. The place itself and Riannes calming, compassionate and also humorous energy made me feel relaxed, seen and safe. Through the sessions and the helpful advice for my home practice I developed an even deeper understanding, awareness and appreciation for my body – even after I have been practicing asanas, meditation and mindfulness for several years.


Yoga Therapy
How does your body move? Move freely and feel more comfortable within your body. Learn to feel, let go of tension, to breathe better and move pain-free and efficiently. Experience this online with a program, during personal therapeutic yoga sessions (also via Skype/Zoom) or during a workshop.
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Thai bodywork
What does your body need today?
Deeply relax while you are being moved and feel reborn with a Thai massage (see video).
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Find out more about the yoga therapist in training, masseuse and founder of Vyana yoga.
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My Journey

Life as I know it, with Lotje, my home 🙂

I’m Rianne and in 2015 I started Vyana yoga, teaching yoga and giving massages. Besides that, I had a job as a research technician in a laboratory.
In July 2017 I left that job and changed my way of living.

Together with my camper Lotje, I’ve gone on a journey, taking time off to travel and rediscover how I want to share my passion for yoga, movement and bodywork.

My adventures are shared in my blog. All the joys and challenges that come with vanlife and my process of relating with other people and the world around me.
I didn’t always feel this brave and my lifestory of how I got here is written here.

In 2019, I adapted my lifestyle again due to an autoimmune condition diagnosis, which made me a kidney patient. This led me to change my diet into even more wholesome and healthy, to support my body in maintaining itself as best as possible.

Now, Vyana Yoga has evolved into a shared experience, movement within the body and outside of it, with the world. In March 2021 I started the yoga therapy training from Functional Synergy, to become a certified yoga/movement therapist.

Through my journey, I wish to inspire you on your own journey towards a healthier and balanced life.

Let’s collaborate!

If you would like me to help you with your movement practice or would like me to teach or massage at your retreat, guesthouse, holiday, you name it, feel free to send me a message!