Vyana yoga: Creating awareness, freedom and happiness

What does your body need today?
Feel rejuvinated with a Thai massage, more balanced with bodywork or totally relaxed with an intuitive oil massage.
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Learn to move with more awareness, also known as mindful movement or enjoy the stillness with restorative yoga. Either online, during a personal yoga coaching session or during one of my workshops.
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Find out more about the yoga teacher, massage therapist and founder of Vyana yoga.
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Join me on my journey

I’m Rianne and in 2015 I started Vyana yoga, teaching yoga and giving massages. Besides that, I had a job as a research technician in a lab. In July 2017 I quit that job, to be able to travel and figure out how to share more of my yoga and massage passion. With that, Wicked Retreats was born. Visit the website to find out what is planned.
I’m also sharing my knowledge online, through movement video’s and e-books. At the moment I’m working on several online programs.

Follow my journey on my Blog.

Together with my camper Lotje, I’m taking time off to travel and work. I’m writing about my journey as I go along, in my blog. The blog is not only about the places I visit, but also about life, as I experience it.
One special blogpost has been dedicated to how my journey has brought me to the life I’m living now, which you can read here.

Life as I know it, with Lotje, my home 🙂

Work with me

If you would like me to help you with your movement practice or would like me to teach or massage at your retreat, guesthouse, holiday, you name it, feel free to send me a message!