Shoulder awareness and twists

In Fridays beginners course class we will explore shoulder movement. Awareness during movement of the arms and shoulders is very important, since the design of the shoulderjoint is far from optimal; lots of (potential) mobility, not so much stability. When there is more awareness there is an opportunity to let go of tension (weakness and … Continue Reading

Breathing and twists

This Friday the beginners course will start (at 18.45) with the same theme as last week; creating space for the breath. That is what it is all about in yoga, being aware of your breath and its quality during stillness or movement. The drop-in class (at 20.15) will be all about twisting the spine by … Continue Reading

Learn to Fly!

On September 13 an Acro Yoga course will start at Studio ELVI. Join Ellen and me and learn the basics of flying in this 6-week course on Sundays from 12.00-14.00. Acro yoga is a mix of yoga, massage and acrobatics, where it is all about trust, surrender, connecting with yourself and your partner and, above … Continue Reading

Space to breathe

In this Friday´s classes we will create space in the spine, strengthening it and connecting it with the shoulders and arms. Space in the spine will create space in the torso, which will also allow for more room to breathe.

Weekly Friday evening yoga classes in Rotterdam!

From June 5th onwards, a 6-weeks yang yoga beginners course will start, every Friday from 18.45-20.00 in MY Studio in Rotterdam. You can sign up for the whole course via In this course you will learn the basics of safe yoga asana practice; getting into the poses, what to do while you are there … Continue Reading