Mindful Movement practices

Welcome to the place that brings yoga to you!

You can take these online practices  with you, wherever you are. Once you buy them they’re yours, NO membership fees apply!
They are all aimed at developing your awareness, of your body, breath and movement. This can lead to less pain, easier movement, better sleep and more peace of mind.

At the moment, I offer online Restorative practices and I am working on a Relax @ work chairyoga program.
Find out more about these practices in the videos here!

If you would like personalised help with a particular question or problem you have, feel free to contact me for 1-on-1 session, live or through skype.

During the Art of Not-Doing, Rianne takes you along into an especially deep relaxation. On an increasingly deeper level, she guides you away form stress and closer towards yourself. Incredibly restorative…. You will leave again feeling completely reborn.
– Participant review


Keep an eye out for future online mindful movement yoga practices. Where the emphasis will be on exploring how movement travels through your body.

In May 2020 you can experience the Art of Not-Doing LIVE in one of the 2 workshops (if the Coronavirus allows, otherwise, bought tickets will be fully refunded):

Date: Sunday May 3rd 2020 from 13.00-16.00
Location: Yourth, Belzeelsestraat 24, Belzele/Evergem (near Ghent)
Investment: €30

FB event link!


Date: Saturday May 9th 2020 from 13.00-16.00
Location: Studio Elvi, Sumatrastraat 265, Den Haag
Investment: €30

FB event link!

You will be redirected to the Wicked Retreats website with the event or you can chose the Facebook event option and reserve your mat!

Below is a free video of my favourite restorative shape: Reclining Butterfly!
Enjoy <3