A new year and choosing differently

A lot has happened on the finca the past month. There are now 2 builders Koker and Juan Carlos, working here to do the main building that needs to happen. They are really great and creative with building, making it as natural and sustainable as possible. I’m learning a lot of construction Spanish, trying to … Continue Reading

Emotions and transformations

And just when you think the rollercoaster is over and you can take a nice long calm breath and chill out, something else happens.On the plane back to Spain I was feeling quite emotional. Relieved to go back, or so I thought. When I arrived in Sevilla, Charlie came to pick me up. Normally, after … Continue Reading

Spain, family expansion and Murphy’s law

Being back in Spain turned into a less fun experience than I had imagined (still those expectations…). A few days before flying back, I had gotten a message from Charlie that rats had entered the van and had been eating cables around the engine. That felt like a massive bummer. It had been going so … Continue Reading