New Beginnings

After three months in wintery and springy Holland, I’ve finally arrived back in Spain. These months back have been lovely. Having time to reconnect more with family and friends and letting go of my house and looking forward to the new adventure ahead!Unfortunately, I didn’t get vaccinated yet, but for now, I also feel at … Continue Reading

Finetuning life more, in retreat with myself

I’m writing this as the whole world around me has turned white. I cannot remember when I was in the Netherlands with this much snow and these temperatures. Honestly, it feels lovely! It has been quite some time since I’ve last really experienced winter, the way I always imagine winter to be like (even though … Continue Reading

Looking back on the year

The year 2020 has come to an end, and endings always make me reflect back on the journey. I’ve always spent Christmas with my family and fortunately this time was no different. And just like the past years, new years’ was spent with my Aunt. Here I am again, in Vaals, closing and beginning the … Continue Reading

Covid reunions

Wow, my time in the Netherlands was a very welcome change of everything. Everything is so green!!! I arrived in proper Indian summer temperatures, so that was a very smooth transition. My plane arrived early (yes really) and my sister came to pick me up. It felt so good to see and hug her and … Continue Reading

Love and dynamics

I have been wanting to write this story for a while now, but up to now it didn’t want to be written. I felt too caught up in all my mental stories and emotions and too much in the process still. Not that I’m not in the process anymore (is there ever going to be … Continue Reading