Houding van de maand November: Sleeping dog

November: Sleeping dog

We’ve fully arrived in autumn. Most leaves have fallen from the trees, it’s colder and darker. A time of more yin. We’re also heading towards the holiday season, which some people really enjoy and some really don’t, but generally it’s a busy time and involves a lot of food. So this month; sleeping dog. One of the poses that, for me, really draws the attention inward. It can also stimulate the internal organs if you choose to use the roll. Using this option can really help you become more aware of the belly area, not just an area of digestion, but also a space of feelings, our so called ‘gut feelings’.


You will need;

  • Bolster or a firm stack of blankets
  • Blanket
  • Small towel or pillow

How to Sleeping dog;

Place the bolster lengthwise in front of you. Place the folded, small towel at the top end behind the bolster on the floor, this will support your forehead when you lie down. If you want to use the roll under the belly, roll the blanket into a firm roll. Place the roll in the middle of the bolster.

Place yourself face-down on the bolster, knees apart a bit. The roll needs to be just below the navel, experiment with the thickness (not too thick). Your upperbody, up to the chest, is fully supported by the bolster, but the throat is completely free. Your head will gently bend forward and your forehead rests on the small towel. The arms are relaxing forward on the floor, either palms down to relax, or palms up as a gesture of giving and surrender.

Be in the pose for 5-15 minutes, present with your breath and bodily sensations. Feel free to remove the roll if it becomes uncomfortable.

To come out of the pose, bring your hands below the shoulders and slowly push yourself up to a sitting position. Stay there for a couple of breaths and notice the change. Then, whenever you’re ready, continue with the rest of your day.

Be comfortable and enjoy!

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