Stable strength with Sunbird


Stable Strength with Sunbird movement series

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Stable Strength with Sunbird movement series:

In this series, you will explore the movement of your arms and legs in relation to your shoulders, pelvis and spine.

By standing on 3 ‘legs’ you work on the stability of the center of your body, which can therefore become more powerful. With the movement of your arms and / or legs you can observe the quality of the movement of your leg in the acetabulum and arm in the shoulder socket and the relationship between arm-shoulder-spine and leg-pelvis-spine.

What do you get:

  • unlimited access to 4 videos with the Sunbird movements for strength and stability: The movement with the arms, legs, arms and legs across the diagonal and knee to chest variation.
  • unlimited access to 3 additional videos to support your practice: Supine somascan, Childspose and All-fours preparation video

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