Spain, summer is coming and having to slow down

While the world was changing and doing everything differently, here, the building on the finca had been progressing. Over the past month however it slowly came to a pause. The shops where we needed to get materials were closed still and money ran out. Charlie had made arrangements with a bank in Brussels where he … Continue Reading

Back to the Netherlands, by myself, not alone

Before I landed Lotje back in the Netherlands, I met up with my aunt at Ecolonie. A community in the North of France. She’s known this place for a very long time and has witnessed its growth into a beautiful place. A place where people can live, come together and can work in with a … Continue Reading

Vanlife to worklife

I didn’t waste much time driving back to the Netherlands. Turned out I could work in the lab for 3 weeks. I had planned to be at my aunt on the 22nd of October, which then didn’t leave me that much time to socialise. When I exited the boat at Rostock to enter Germany, life … Continue Reading