Spain, family expansion and Murphy’s law

Being back in Spain turned into a less fun experience than I had imagined (still those expectations…). A few days before flying back, I had gotten a message from Charlie that rats had entered the van and had been eating cables around the engine. That felt like a massive bummer. It had been going so … Continue Reading

Spain & the Netherlands, returning home

The journey South, after saying goodbye to Charlie and the North of Spain, was quite quick. In the North, I had very much enjoyed the beautiful beaches and the mountainous scenery. Although with my van they had been quite the challenge. Lotje could have done with some extra horsepower… But we always managed :). I … Continue Reading

France, connections

After the Living Village festival and some back-to-reality days at my parents and the hospital, it was time to leave the Netherlands again. Off to France to Nibana! The Nibana festival was in immense ride. It started off quite relaxed for Mirte and me. The first 2 days we could just arrive and peacefully land, … Continue Reading