Netherlands, hospitals, love and festivals

It’s interesting how my stories keep having different twists… I had been fairly stressed out about Lotje her bi-annual check. A mechanic friend of mine had had a look at her. Even though I thought the smoking was a lot less, during the test, there was blackness everywhere… I was feeling really worried about having … Continue Reading

Spain, on the road again…

My time in the South of Spain has come to an end. At least for now. These last few weeks, Charlie and I have spent a lot of time in the van together, which has been a lovely experience. He’s even been allowed to drive her. For me, that is a pretty big thing, because … Continue Reading

Spain, the mind, the heart and the gut

It’s remarkable how fast plans and life can change again. On one hand I’m pretty cool with it, because it feels right. On the other hand it’s still scary and confusing. From the idea to redesigning my house and garden, things I wanted to do/learn when I would be back in the Netherlands. To now, … Continue Reading

Spain, the struggle of not-knowing

The past month has been more about my inner journey. A pretty bumpy one. Like I said in my last blog, I felt a big need to not travel for a while, and so I didn’t (and partly couldn’t). Instead I spend time in the area of Los Caños and El Palmar with friends from … Continue Reading

My Journey up to now…

I’ve been travelling for a while now and sharing those stories. Now however, I feel I would like to share more about my other journey. The bigger one. My life, up to now.   How on earth did I end up here? And why would someone want to radically change a pretty comfortable life, with … Continue Reading