Follow the sun, travelling together

Then the time had come for Emmy to experience #vanlife (and me to get back to it)! The weeks before had been pretty busy for me, meeting friends, working and being in different places. I was actually craving some time alone, but that wasn’t going to be on the menu for a while. Luckily, my … Continue Reading

Vanlife to worklife

I didn’t waste much time driving back to the Netherlands. Turned out I could work in the lab for 3 weeks. I had planned to be at my aunt on the 22nd of October, which then didn’t leave me that much time to socialise. When I exited the boat at Rostock to enter Germany, life … Continue Reading

Norway, travelling together

After Ängsbacka it was time to hit the road and have some quality me-time. I got my van to a garage with the help of Jo, a Norwegian friend from Ängsbacka. The bolts of the engine needed to be tightened after 1000-2000km with the new cylinderhead. It turned out to be nearly impossible to arrange … Continue Reading

Vaals, moving in with my aunt, vanissues

How great it is to have ideas and make plans. Having enjoyed my time back, seriously considered quitting vanlife. Deciding to go on, landing a great volunteerjob as a bodyworker in Sweden. Really looking forward to being on the road again and visiting friends in Berlin. And then finally, having to focus on my practice … Continue Reading