Moroccan vibes

This country has been quite the journey… I’ve been here around a month, but it feels like a lifetime has happened. Even though this is not an unusual vanlife feeling, it’s different this time. We started out with a caravan of 5 vans, 3 couples with a baby and Carlos and me. As I wrote … Continue Reading

Portugal, going South

It has been a while since my last travel blog and a lot has been going on! During my travels south, I came past the well-known surfspots. One of them is called Nazaré. The waves there can become huge, because of a very deep canyon just before the shore, that the water bumps into. I … Continue Reading

Portugal; the beginning

Let’s first begin with Lotje. It appears that she’s been fixed! I’ve driven quite a bit and haven’t had any breaking problems. It was a bit of a challenge, communicating what I noticed was happening, in English, which then had to be translated to Portuguese. I also had the feeling that being a woman explaining … Continue Reading