Emotions and transformations

And just when you think the rollercoaster is over and you can take a nice long calm breath and chill out, something else happens.On the plane back to Spain I was feeling quite emotional. Relieved to go back, or so I thought. When I arrived in Sevilla, Charlie came to pick me up. Normally, after … Continue Reading

Spain & the Netherlands, returning home

The journey South, after saying goodbye to Charlie and the North of Spain, was quite quick. In the North, I had very much enjoyed the beautiful beaches and the mountainous scenery. Although with my van they had been quite the challenge. Lotje could have done with some extra horsepower… But we always managed :). I … Continue Reading

Back to the Netherlands, by myself, not alone

Before I landed Lotje back in the Netherlands, I met up with my aunt at Ecolonie. A community in the North of France. She’s known this place for a very long time and has witnessed its growth into a beautiful place. A place where people can live, come together and can work in with a … Continue Reading

Spain, on the road again…

My time in the South of Spain has come to an end. At least for now. These last few weeks, Charlie and I have spent a lot of time in the van together, which has been a lovely experience. He’s even been allowed to drive her. For me, that is a pretty big thing, because … Continue Reading