Spain, family expansion and Murphy’s law

Being back in Spain turned into a less fun experience than I had imagined (still those expectations…). A few days before flying back, I had gotten a message from Charlie that rats had entered the van and had been eating cables around the engine. That felt like a massive bummer. It had been going so … Continue Reading

Vanlife to worklife

I didn’t waste much time driving back to the Netherlands. Turned out I could work in the lab for 3 weeks. I had planned to be at my aunt on the 22nd of October, which then didn’t leave me that much time to socialise. When I exited the boat at Rostock to enter Germany, life … Continue Reading

Portugal, Spain and France, goodbyes for now

The time of goodbyes-for-now had come. Leaving Spain for a bit, to go back to Portugal for the Spring celebration Marrit and I had organised. But first, there was the hippiemarket that Stefan, Sabrina, Mark and Marrit were already at. The drive to Portugal was really nice. Except for the part where I drove through … Continue Reading