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thai yoga massage areaA Thai bodywork session is a relaxing and rejuvenating massage flow where you will be moved, stretched and pressure points will be used. It is also referred to as ‘yoga for lazy people’. During this massage, you should wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes. You will be lying on a comfortable mat on the floor and oil will not be used.

The session takes somewhere between 1 and 2 hours, to be able to treat the whole body and make it most beneficial. It usually starts with the feet and continues through the rest of the body. I’m always trying to use pressure that is within your comfortzone, so you are still able to relax and soften. My belief is that, usually, when the pressure is too much and painful the body will, in the end, respond by protecting itself and thus becoming tighter. While the idea is to stimulate your circulation and improve your range of motion.

During the massage, you will be invited to stay present with your breath and the sensations within your body. This way we can both explore what is, in that moment. Where you bring your attention, movement and softening can happen, so that energy can flow more freely.

Thai basic 1-1,5 hours
Thai normal 1,5-2 hours

Before the massage there will be an intake to check for injuries, ailments, wishes and boundaries.

Please note! This is not an erotic massage.

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Structural Bodywork

During life, our posture tends to change. From pretty effortless, with a lot of freedom of movement as a kid, to more restricted and compensated as we grow older. We constantly work against gravity as we’re moving. Also, we tend to sit a lot in chairs (sometimes while we’re stressed), while our bodies are made to move. This creates tightness and compensated movement patterns, which can give us problems.

With a bodywork session, we take the time to improve the structure and function of the body and its movement. We will look for imbalances and tightness and try to create some space and softness. This will be done by combining massage, breath, touch and movement. Often, when we experience discomfort in, for instance, the shoulders, it tends to be the result of compensation somewhere else in the body, sometimes even all the way from our feet.

To change the body and its movement, we first need to become aware of what is happening now. Our awareness of how we’re moving will start to develop. And with time, practice and patience, we can allow change to happen.

In the end, this increased body awareness will also influence your emotional awareness. The emotions that have shaped our bodies and have created our posture, can be changed. And by changing our posture, the holding patterns, our emotional state can be influenced and released.

Creating a lightness in posture, movement and a greater sense of space within yourself.

Bodywork session 1,5-2 hours

Intuitive oil massage

Allow yourself to fully surrender and feel your own body. Experiencing yourself as you are in that moment and being present with it. The intuitive oil massage works more on an energetic level, without deeper physical manipulation. Although it can still have a profound impact on the physical and emotional body. It is more gentle and soft. All about the experience of touch and sensations. Tensions can be let go of, so that you can feel the subtle energy flow through your body again. During this massage, odourless organic coconut oil will be used and you will be lying on a comfortable mat on the floor.

Intuitive basic ~ 1 hour

Intuitive normal ~1,5 hours

Before the massage there will be and intake to check for injuries, ailments, wishes and boundaries.

Please note! This is not an erotic massage.

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  1. I received a thai yoga massage from Rianne recently and would like to share that it was awesome!! Impressive delicacy to provide the right amount of pressure and to stretch the muscles to achieve the best results… I felt relieved from the stress and muscle aches!!! Highly recommended!!

  2. I have been doing bodywork with Rianne lately and would like to share how helpful it is!! I practice Contact Improvisation and I have gained in flexibility, reduced joint inflammation and increased muscle strength!! I strongly recommend!!


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