Yang yoga

Yang yoga; ‘Stillness in movement’

Yang yoga represents activity, muscles, masculine, sun, warmth and superficial. During a yang class there will be an emphasis on dynamic, circular movements to increase mobility and more static asana for strength and length in the muscles. Because of the focus on the alignment of the body, wear and tear on joints wil be minimised which creates a safe and accessible practice. The muscles can return to their original function; restoring the neutral posture that supports the body in all its movements.

Yang yoga classes

The regular yang classes will usually have a certain theme, either an area of the body (shoulders, spine, legs), or a certain pose that requires preparation (big forward or backward bends, inversions etc.). Mixing static and more dynamic ways of movement, which are connected with the breath. We will pay attention to the alignment of the body, strengthening and/or lengthening the muscles to create a safer way of moving (protecting the joints), which will lead to more freedom and awareness in movement.


The flow class is a one that builds towards a beautiful, strong and dynamic flow, with circular movements that will build a lot of energy. We will begin slowly to get to know the poses and safely transition between them (awareness of breath and alignment) and increase the energy of the flow during the following cycles. The flow ‘crouching tigers, flying dragons’ is a flow with a basic set of movements, guiding the spine through all directions of movement. There will sometimes be a few variations, this way it will become a familiar flow, easier to practice every time. This allows for a gradual shift from an outward body movement focus, towards a more inward energy movement focus.

In yang yoga we look for ‘stillness in movement’, the quiet and relaxation but also strength during movement.


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