Yoga, mindful movement

Therapeutic Yoga

What exactly is therapeutic yoga? It is not yoga with ‘adjustments’, nor a quick-fix that I impose on you.
Together we will look for what works and what doesn’t in your body. We support what works, so that the rest of your body will also benefit from it. It is a sustainable route to more body awareness, so that you can become your own healer. The problem is usually not where the pain is. And when we work with what you can and want, wonderful possibilities arise. Are you ready to dive deeper?

The way in is the physical body, with which you will make very basic movements in combination with breathing. During these movements we are going to see if there are signals of compensation that are happening because your body currently does not have the support to do without. The longer you ignore these signals, the more likely they will cause pain. When you get clear on how your compensations feel and how to deal with them, the better your body will function. The body always communicates with you and doesn’t lie, the art is to learn to listen to the whispers, so that you do not have to hear the screaming.

Therapeutic yoga will deepen your body and movement awareness and will increase your self-healing capacity, so that you can live your life more.

Every private session lasts 60 min either live or online via zoom.
After every session you will receive an email with a summery of your personal movement plan.

Yoga, mindful movement

Whatever you are doing during our session together, you are invited to be present with and observe the body, movement and the breath. Letting the breath be the guide in the movement. Being aware of what IS and practicing in such a way to promote awareness, health and pain-free movement.

Use it or lose it…

Making different movements to increase mobility and create more space.

It has been shown that when you stop making certain movements, movement becomes restricted. The body always gets tighter, to protect itself (physically and emotionally). That’s why, when you wake up you tend to feel like yawning and having a stretch, just to open everything up again. During our yoga practice the movements are very diverse, which usually is not the case in our daily lives. This practice helps you to keep or regain your range of motion.

In my experience, less really is more. Not so much moving less, but making simpler (and better) movements. It then becomes easier to (be present as you) breathe, be the observer and notice the subtle differences. Tension can be released and mobility increased. This will make you move better and become stronger, because you do not have to struggle through your physical compensation patterns anymore.

Just because you’re not working up a sweat, doesn’t mean nothing is happening!

simple movement
Simple movement to make it easier to stay aware of the movement and the breath.

When you practice mindful movement while upright, you will be guided into looking for stability before you move. Taking time to feel whether your body can support you in what you would like to practice. This way you will increase your body awareness and reduce the risk of injury.

During a more passive and restorative practice, you will learn to support the body, to allow it to wholly be able to let go and relax. Being totally comfortable will give you the space to really feel what is happening. Noticing where the breath is, how it is moving your body (or not) and what this might be telling you.

When the body is supported, it becomes easier to fully let go and relax.

Stillness in Movement, Movement in Stillness

By taking the time to practice mindful movement, you really start to develop a sense of how you are, in that moment. This practice will then slowly start to integrate into your daily life, enabling you to be more present with whatever you might be doing. Then, the practice of becoming pain-free, strong and flexible is not just physical, but can also be translated into emotional strength and flexibility. The emotions that have shaped our bodies and have created our posture, can be changed. And by changing our posture, the holding patterns, our emotional state can be influenced and released.

Aiming for a life, where ageing means growth, not slowly falling apart.

If you are interested in working with me you can send me a message!

There are different ways to work with me:

  • Through the online practices available in the shop.
  • Privately in 1-on-1 therapeutic yoga sessions (also via Zoom, Skype or Whatsapp, as long as there is video).


Therapeutic Yoga*
€180 – 6 sessions (60 min) in 2 months (starter pack)
€40 – single session (60 min)

*These are the current traineeprices.
If you are in a financially challenging situation, don’t hesitate to contact me to look at the possibilities!