About Rianne

RianneI’m Rianne and in 2015 I started Vyana yoga, teaching yoga and giving massages. Besides that, I had a job as a research technician in a laboratory.
In July 2017 I left that job and changed my way of living.

Together with my camper Lotje, I’ve gone on a journey, taking time off to travel and rediscover how I want to share my passion for yoga, movement and bodywork.

My adventures are shared in my blog. All the joys and challenges that come with vanlife and my process of relating with other people and the world around me.
I didn’t always feel this brave. Through the practices I describe below, I’ve been able to get through my anxiety attacks and re-connect with selfcare and love. My lifestory, of how I got here, is written here.

In 2019, I adapted my lifestyle again due to an autoimmune condition diagnosis, which made me a kidney patient. This led me to change my diet into even more wholesome and healthy, to support my body in maintaining itself as best as possible. I’ve landed in the South of Spain, where I’m still living in my van, as part of a beautiful regenerative permaculture project.

Now, Vyana Yoga has evolved into a shared experience, movement within the body and outside of it, with the world. All my life lessons from (restorative) yoga, tantra, massage and bodywork have come together. In March 2021 I started the yoga therapy training from Functional Synergy, to become a certified yoga/movement therapist.

Seeing the incredible value in slowing down, being present and focusing on quality and connection with myself and with whomever I’m sharing the practice.

Through my journey, I wish to inspire you to on your own journey towards a healthier and balanced life.

What’s in it for you?

In our sessions there is enough time to work together on what you want to work on. The times set for the sessions are an indication. Sometimes it might be a bit shorter, sometimes a bit longer, depending on what we encounter in your body. It is YOUR time, so you are invited to always share your intention, wishes and needs. Bodywork and movement sessions tend to have a longer effect than just the time we spend together. It can sometimes also bring up emotions or a more intense response from your body, like feeling a bit sick or physically unstable. So, make sure you dedicate some time for yourself to allow your body to do what it needs to do. New movement patterns usually take some time to be integrated and pain to be reduced, and you do have to practice them. In the end I can only guide you on your journey, but you are the one who has to (want to) do it.

These practices can give you the space you need to (want to) get to know yourself better. It can support you during more challenging periods in your life, to allow you to appreciate the beautiful parts of life more intensely. It can bring you freedom and true happiness.
This is what is has done for me and why I want to share it with you.

Feel free to send me a message if you would like to work with me!


  • BSc Life Sciences, Molecular Biology, 2006
  • 200-hour Yin and Yang Yoga Teacher Training and Study Immersion 2015 with Simon Low, The Yoga Academy, Koh Samui, Thailand
  • 5-day intensive (32-hrs); Working with injuries in yoga classes with Julie Gudmestad at Yogacampus, 2015
  • Thai Yoga Massage (30hrs)(Nuad Bo-Rarn) level 1 training at Thai Hand Amsterdam, 2015
  • Thai Yoga Massage (30hrs)(Nuad Bo-Rarn) level 2 training at Thai Hand Amsterdam, 2015
  • Thai Therapeutic massage (30hrs)(Wat Po style) level 1 training at Thai Hand Amsterdam, 2015
  • 3-day (19.5-hrs) Inner axis teacher training at Yoga Moves with Max Strom, 2016
  • 4-day A therapeutic eye in yoga teaching and practice at Yoga Moves with Doug Keller, 2016
  • 50-hour study immersion on yin and restorative yoga, pranayama, meditation and somatic awareness, with Simon Low, Turkey, 2016
  • I love anatomy online training, Functional Synergy, 2016
  • Chair massage workhop, Thai Hand, 2016
  • Anatomy Trains in Structure (14hrs) at Incitus in Antwerp, 2017
  • All-round tantra masseur training (4x 3-day training) at Helios centrum Heerde, 2016-2017
  • Body Reading 101/102 (14hrs) at Incitus in Amsterdam, 2019
  • Intro into somatic movement part 1&2, Essential Somatics, 2020 
  • Therapeutic yoga intensive module 1 at Functional Synergy, 2021
  • Therapeutic yoga case studies module 2 at Functional Synergy, 2021
  • IAYT Accredited Yoga Therapy Certification Program at Functional Synergy, ongoing till Oct 2022

I’ve practiced Somatics, contact impro dance, Tai chi chuan, tantra and attended yoga workshops with Simon Low, Max Strom, Sarah Powers, Lizzy Lasater and Susi Hately and others and massage at Thai Dee and Thai Hand.

Vyana yoga

Vyana is one of the vayu’s (inner winds/lifeforces), which spreads out through the whole body and connects and nourishes the other 4 vayu’s; prana, apana, samana and udana. Vyana vayu brings strength and moderates movement from the center outwards, creating harmony.

The body is balanced, yin and yang.

Yin and yang yoga combines movement principles from different yoga styles, Chinese medicine and Chi Kung. Yang is more fluid, dynamic, powerful with an outward focus. Yin is more passive and meditative with an inward focus.

Yin and yang are depending on each others existence and are always relative to one another. There can be no yang without yin and the other way around. Our western lifestyle has a mayor yang influence (busy and stressful) which creates a need for more yin (peace and quiet) to be able to restore balance. Yin and yang yoga helps to recreate that balance within your life and yourself.