Love and dynamics

I have been wanting to write this story for a while now, but up to now it didn’t want to be written. I felt too caught up in all my mental stories and emotions and too much in the process still. Not that I’m not in the process anymore (is there ever going to be … Continue Reading

Spain, busy times

It’s been a while since I’ve written. The harddrive of my laptop had died, and repairs took several weeks. Everything takes more time here in Spain. It was an interesting experience being without my computer. At times I could feel my need for totally zoning out with watching a series, which I couldn’t do now. … Continue Reading

Spain, summer is coming and having to slow down

While the world was changing and doing everything differently, here, the building on the finca had been progressing. Over the past month however it slowly came to a pause. The shops where we needed to get materials were closed still and money ran out. Charlie had made arrangements with a bank in Brussels where he … Continue Reading

A new year and choosing differently

A lot has happened on the finca the past month. There are now 2 builders Koker and Juan Carlos, working here to do the main building that needs to happen. They are really great and creative with building, making it as natural and sustainable as possible. I’m learning a lot of construction Spanish, trying to … Continue Reading