Houding van de maand April; Swan

April; Swan Spring is here! Meaning more light and more warmth, which I thoroughly enjoy. For this month, I chose swan. After the emphasis on the spine, I’d like to move towards the hips. An area that, for me for sure, can do with a little bit of softness and space. Also, a very challenging … Lees verder

Houding van de maand maart; Bananasana

March; Bananasana The days are becoming longer and the birds are starting to sing again in the early mornings. Winter is slowly passing so that spring can come in. Time to go outside and breathe some of that fresh spring air. For this months I chose bananasana, to help you breathe just that little bit … Lees verder

Houding van de maand februari; Sleeping mermaid

February; Sleeping mermaid The year has started, it’s has been cold and fortunately the days are getting longer. Time for the shortest month of the year. For February I chose Sleeping mermaid. I find this a very comfortable and relaxing twist, although you do have to make sure the neck and lower back feel ok. … Lees verder

Houding van de maand januari; supported bridge

January; Supported bridge The new year has arrived, maybe with new years resolutions. Whether you have them or not, it will be worth while to allow yourself to have some more you-time this year. And doing some restorative yin yoga is the perfect way to enjoy some of that you-time. For January I’ve chosen supported … Lees verder

Houding van de maand december: Savasana

December: Savasana Winter is coming and the year is ending. For me, it is always a time where I look back and contemplate on what has happened, highs and lows, in the past year. Things I’ve learned, people I’ve met, life as it is now, but also wishes and plans for the future. So this … Lees verder